What I got for Christmas

Here’s the thing. I had no plans at all to upload a what I got for Christmas this year. Specially in the middle of January. But since here in Spain we get our presents on the 6th of January it’s still kind of acceptable, isn’t it?

To be honest, the only reason I’m posting this is because I received such pretty things (apparently I’ve been way better this year than I thought) that it was kind of sad not to photograph them. And since I’m gonna make the effort, why not sharing them as well?
I don’t thing that I need to state the classic disclaimer that goes with this kind of posts/videos (that I’m not doing this to brag, and so on), we are all adults around here. I think. So, here’s what I got for Christmas.


Yes!! I got an Olympus Pen E-pl 8!! I’ll talk more in depth about it as soon as I learn how to use it!

Also in the picture: Tous watch, Uno de 50 bracelet, Sherlock Funko Pop figure, the David Bowie book from Taschen I’ve been raving about for months, and the only book about Tim Burton I didn’t have yet.

Also got this vintage camera. Isn’t it the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen? A real treasure


Esta es la cuestión. No tenía pensado publicar un post sobre lo que me han regalado en Navidad este año. Mucho menos a mediados de enero. Pero teniendo en cuenta que aquí recibimos los regalos el 6 de enero, todavía no es tarde, ¿no?

Sinceramente, la única razón por la que estoy preparando este post es porque me han regalado cosas muy bonitas este año (he debido de portarme mucho mejor de lo que yo pensaba), y me daba pena no fotografiarlas. Y ya que iba a hacer las fotos, por qué no compartirlas.
No creo que haga falta escribir el clásico disclaimer que siempre acompaña a este tipo de post (como que no está destinado a alardear, blah, blah, blah…), todos somos adultos aquí. O eso creo.


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