The Christmas gift guides: the Christmas lover

I love Christmas like nothing else. You know that. So it’s no surprise that there’s a little place in my heart for Christmas related stuff: mugs, music, decorations… anything that can lift the festive spirit up, I’m into it.

As gift giving odyssey and Secret Santa season are coming, I’ve curated a little selection of Christmas inspired gifts for that Christmas lover around you (or even to try to convert that Grinch we all have around, if you think it’s worth the effort).

BTW, this post isn’t sponsored by Anthropologie at all (I wish!), I just think they nail Christmas like no one else.


Christmassy mugs are my favourite thing, and Anthropologie nails them every year: 1,2,3

A festive candle is the perfect treat to set the mood. Diptyque has changed their usual packaging this year, and their the most beautiful ever. You can get them individually or in a set (the perfect gift): 1,2,3

Nothing beats a Christmas jumper, and you can really find anyone’s cup of tea, the variety is insane! I love mine as freak as can be (seriously, I need the Steve Harrington one), but that’s entirely up to you: 1,2,3,4

Again, for anything festive related, Anthropologie is the place: Christmas crackers, decorations, beauty bits (how amazing are these soap bars!)… 1,2,3



Me gusta la Navidad más que ninguna otra cosa. Pero eso ya lo sabéis. Así que no sorprenderá a nadie que los objetos navideños tengan un lugar especial en mi corazón. Tazas de Navidad, discos con canciones navideñas, adornos… cualquier cosa que pueda elevar el espíritu navideño un poco.

Como llega la época de hacer regalos, amigos invisibles, etc., he hecho una selección de regalos muy navideños para hacer las delicias de aquellos fans de esta época que tengáis alrededor (o incluso para intentar convertir a ese Grinch que todos tenemos cerca, si creéis que el esfuerzo merece la pena).

Por cierto, este post no está patrocinado por Anthropologie en absoluto (¡ojalá!), pero es que siempre tiene las mejores cosas navideñas.


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