Hi! I’m Nuria, founder and editor in Coffee Like a Gilmore. What started as a beauty blog (so my friends and family didn’t have to hear about the latest make up releases), quickly developed into a lifestyle platform, with loads of random thoughts, personal style, and interiors (my one true love, along coffee).
Of course, I’m not an expert in any of the categories listed above, but you know, we all like a good old friendly chat, don’t we?

I’m aware that says pretty much nothing about me, so here you have my very first and second “random facts about me” posts, of the many that I could (and probably will) write. Because you don’t really know people until you know which GOT house they support, which are their celebrity crushes or who was their favourite Spice Girl (team Victoria here), do you?

Said that, welcome to this crazy blogging adventure of mine. You’ll have new posts every Monday and Thursday, but you can always find me on social media, links are below (wink, wink).

Now that you’re here, grab a cup of coffee (chances are I have one in my hand right now, hence the name of the blog) and enjoy!